Corporate Expo

Brochure for ICAI Corporate Expo on 19-20 January 2018 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

Exhibitions usually provide a great platform to build relationship with existing/expecting customers and key people in the industry even in the digital era and revolutionized social media. It is in fact, a unique opportunity to meet and interact with a target audience under one roof that may yield or translate into business prospect. The ‘look, listen and learn’ philosophy stimulates all, be it an individual or institution, to educate oneself, emulate the current trend and technique, try it to do better, emerge winner as leader and set best practices for others to follow.

To take this forward, ICAI is organising a Corporate Expo that offers a unique opportunity and acts as a bridge to connect the intellect and industry, facilitating networking and creating a mutually beneficial avenue of bonding and learning. The Expo is likely to provide a platform to corporates to showcase their products & services to a larger spectrum of society. It is expected to be attended by Chartered Accountants and other professionals, investors, finance fraternity, corporate leaders, decision makers, students and public at large. Apart from exhibition, the Expo would have many concurrent sessions on regulatory updates, latest developments and presentations on emerging areas by renowned experts from the Government/Regulators, trade bodies and various industries who will share their experience and words of wisdom with the participants.


  • The ultimate platform for investors to gain valuable insights on personal finance, wealth creation and various facets of investing from the industry experts
  • Explore new financial business partnership avenues
  • Exclusive opportunity to start your own sub – broking/ franchisee business
  • Outstanding networking opportunities
  • Attend the conferences and workshops and hear the latest from your industry
  • Obtain an overview of the market
  • Access and evaluate a wide array of financial products and services and make informed investment decisions by interacting with the lenders, product providers and distributors
  • To provide 360 Degree learning opportunities to participants in Regulatory reforms/relaxation of rules in finance, accounting, information technology and to gain valuable insights on personal finance, wealth creation and investing strategies through various concurrent sessions.


  • Introducing new products and services
  • Maintaining relations with existing customers
  • Enriching brand image and visibility
  • Collecting business leads/databases
  • Penetrating new markets and territories
  • Distributing promotional materials
  • Getting acquainted to future partners or resellers
  • Educating clients on the benefits of products or services
  • Enhancing the awareness of company and capabilities
  • Network with key-players in the market
  • Wider geographical reach because of location.

Any corporate irrespective of sector, size, products, profile can take part in the Expo: