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Reports - ICAI’s Corporate Forum - 2011 (Kolkata)

ICAI’s Corporate Forum - 2011
Organized by:
Committee for Members in Industry
28th, 29th and 30th January 2011
Kolkata, India

Committee for Members in Industry will be conducting the comprehensive three days Corporate Forum event in Kolkata in January 2011.

1. CAREER ASCENT- Mid Career Campus: To provide Chartered Accountants who have one year or more of industry experience with growth and career prospects, enabling them to realize their full potential and aspirations and widen their horizon. It will also enable employers seeking experienced CAs to identify and recruit talent best suited to their (organisations’) requirements. For details contact 011-30110548/450, ,

2. CORPORATE CONCLAVE In pursuit of Excellence: Three one day National Conclaves on contemporary topics to enrich the knowledge and to enhance the skill sets of members. For details contact 011-30110555/549,,

3. CAPITAL ADVANTAGE- Invest & Buy Mart: Capital Advantage exhibition is a platform where Chartered Accountants and Corporates from all over India would mark their presence. This would enable various organizations involved in Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Capital Markets, Real Estate, Information Technology products and services and other technological products to interact with Chartered Accountants, Investors, Finance Fraternity, and Corporate Decision Makers. For details contact 033-30211132, 011-30110548/450, , ,

4. ICAI AWARDS 2010 - Corporate CA Achievers': would honour the exemplary work of Chartered Accountants in Industry by recognizing those who have demonstrated excellence in the professional life, personal life and are the role models for others in industry. These Corporate CA Achievers Acclaim Awards of ICAI also seek to acknowledge Chartered Accountants who have created value to their company's stakeholders on a sustainable basis. For details contact 011-30110491/555, ,

For Sponsorship, please contact Secretary, CMII at 011-30110491,

S.No. Date Event(s) Venue
1 28-30th January 2011 Career Ascent Rotary Sadan, 94/2, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata - 700 020
(Besides Nehru Children Museum, Near Rabindra Sadan Metro Station)
2 28-30th January 2011 Capital Advantage Science City Main Auditorium, JBS Haldane Avenue,
Kolkata - 700046
3 28-30th January 2011 Corporate Conclave Hotel Hyatt Regency, JA-1, Sector-III, Salt Lake City
(At the Crossing of EM Bypass & Salt Lake), Kolkata - 700 098
4 30th January, 2011 ICAI Awards Science City Main Auditorium, JBS Haldane Avenue,
Kolkata - 700 046

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