CMI&B is organizing ICAI Awards to celebrate the spirit of excellence of Chartered Accountants from past consecutive 13 years.

About ICAI Awards

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) had instituted ICAI Awards way back in the year 2007 to recognize the members who have demonstrated excellence and portrayed an abiding commitment to achieve heights as CA professional. These awards seeks to honor an individual who possess excellent skills, dedication, enthusiasm, leadership, and the ability to deliver the best that we all strive to emulate.

ICAI continues its legacy to honour stellar individuals, by organizing 14th ICAI Awards, 2020 on 20th January, 2021 at New Delhi.

Objective of Awards
The objectives of the ICAI Awards are to acknowledge Chartered Accountants who have / are -

  • demonstrated excellence in their working
  • exemplary role models.
  • created value to their company‚Äôs stakeholders on a sustainable basis.
Why to submit nomination for ICAI awards
  • Recognition for excellent work and achievement
  • Celebrate success of indispensable professionals who go above and beyond in their work
  • Motivate and inspire others to contribute and develop their working practices
  • Share best practice and practical strategies with other professionals in the field.
Award Process Categories and Criteria Evaluation Parameters
General Eligibility Criteria Guidelines List of Awardee- Last Three Years