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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), established by an Act of the Indian Parliament, proudly maintains its status as the largest statutory accounting body globally. ICAI serves as a pivotal institution with four core functions: regulation, setting standards, education, and active participation in the nation-building process. It operates under the administrative purview of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) of the Government of India, acting as an integral extension of this governmental body.

Within the framework of ICAI, the Committee for Members in Industry & Business (CMI&B) stands as a dynamic and non-standing committee, devoted to fostering robust relationships with its distinguished members. CMI&B has evolved into a proactive and forward-thinking entity dedicated to the advancement and growth of members engaged in various sectors of the business world. Chartered Accountants employed in industry possess a diverse skill set, encompassing financial expertise and the capability to address contemporary challenges faced by organizations and society at large.

CMI&B consistently undertakes various initiatives, including facilitating placement opportunities, orchestrating prestigious awards ceremonies, hosting knowledge-enriching conferences, organizing industry gatherings, and establishing CPE (Continuous Professional Education) study circles. These endeavors are aimed at nurturing and reinforcing the close connections between the Institute and Chartered Accountants actively contributing to the industrial and business landscape in multifarious roles.

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