Nomination Brochure for ICAI Awards-2017
Last date of filling online nomination form is 15th December, 2017.
Revised Experience Criteria for category CA Professional Achiever, CA CFO and CA Entrepreneur
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ICAI Awards 2017 to be held on 19th January, 2018 at Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

  • CA. Nilesh Shivji Vikamsey
    President, ICAI
    While humans, great or otherwise, are invariably riddled with imperfections, we as the 2ndlargest professional Body in the world, believe that nothing could be more fulfilling than celebrating the ideas and thoughts of those members of ICAI serving mainly in industry and business who through their sacrifice, relentless hard work, remarkable insight and innate talent have made their organisations, rather the country, if not the world richer than they found it.

  • CA. Naveen N. D. Gupta
    Vice-President, ICAI
    Recent policy decisions such as, demonetization, GST, NPA and Insolvency Code, have undoubtedly impacted GDP rate of the country and the Government of India has attributed it as a short term pain for long term gain. Whatever be the reform measures, be it little or large, the contribution of the CA profession remains there. But, the responsibility of its appropriate Implementation at concerned industry level rests mainly with the members serving in industry and business.

  • CA. Prafulla Premsukh Chhajed
    Chairman, CPABI
    It is a matter of fact that now a days, a large number of members opt for beginning and building their professional career in industry and business. In turn, the industrial houses derive the benefit of sound and solid knowledge base of those professionals who are (required to be) ethically right and (happen to be) intellectually bright. Again, culture influences, conduct, creativity and efficiency that gets translated into effectiveness. Research reveals a close relationship between success of corporates and expertise of professionals who run those corporates.


  • CA. Manu Agrawal
    Vice-Chairman, CPABI
    Corporations, nowadays, are considered as growth engines of a country's economy. The strong foundation of its business houses, in fact, ensures sustainable growth, development and prosperity of any country. The Central Government's recent decisions on demonetization and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) have temporarily put the brakes on India's growth. The government itself has attributed this short term slow down as a temporary pain for long term gain. Anyway, whatever may be the reform measures, the contribution of the members of ICAI serving in the Industry and business, in particular, remains mammoth to get those regulatory rules implemented in its true letter and spirit and that too, in a time bound manner.

ICAI Awards 2017 - Chartered Accountants have the Eagle's eye view; they are the catalyst to change and knights to the biggest economic reforms of India. Some even made their marks in the international arena. Their determination, dedication, and contribution not only confined to national economic territory but have surpassed and reached every corner of the world. Again, the Spectacular success of some of them makes the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) proud.
With an aim to identify, acknowledge and appreciate such dedication, and devotion, of those members particularly, who are working in the Industry and business, ICAI, has, instituted sector specific awards in 2007. Every year such recognitions are extended to some of those members whose accomplishments are adjudged to be better than the best. For review and screening those talent, there remain a transparent and completely system driven process. The Committee for Professional Accountants in Business & Industry (CPABI) under the auspices of ICAI is shouldering this responsibility of searching such talents from amongst the Industry and business.